Scree (2001)


Also known as landslip and glide, is a mass of detritus, forming a precipitous stony slope upon a mountain side. Scree is also the material composing such a slope.

Scree is the fluid movement of rock that is evident in the processes of erosion, sorting, sedimentation. and the self -organization of land formations. Strata are layers of compressed matter and time that result from sedimentation.

The photographs in the exhibition Scree trace similar sites visited by the British geologist Charles Lyell during his visit to Nova Scotia in 1842. Lyell’s visit registers a significant moment in the geologic and temporal history of the land and history of the east coast of North America. Scree explores the metaphoric and isomorphic relations that this event has with the contemporary landscape and figuration of the Atlantic coast.

"From this moment forward all my writings are fish hooks:

perhaps I know how to fish as well as anyone?

- If nothing was caught, I am not to blame.

There were no fish."

Friedrich Nietzsche. Ecce Homo X:1

Robert Bean @2020