Narratives in Space + Time Society (NiS+TS)

Founded in 2012, Narratives in Space + Time Society (NiS+TS) uses mobile media, storytelling and walking to creatively and critically explore urban spaces that are often overlooked and disregarded. The psychogeographic practice of the dérive, an attentive form of drifting or walking through urban space, is central to NiS+TS’s interdisciplinary and experiential approaches. NiS+TS began the public art project Walking the Debris Field: Public Geographies of the Halifax Explosion in 2014. The members of NiS+TS are Robert Bean, Brian Lilley, Barbara Lounder, and Mary Elizabeth Luka.

-  01 Notes from the Debris Field

-  02 Models

-  03 Shannon Park

-  04 Turtle Grove

-  05 Dalhousie Art Gallery (2017)

Robert Bean @2020